Business Analysis and Requirements for Business and IT
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Business Analysis
and Requirements

Merger and Portfolio Rationalization Analysis Services

Aligning resources to annual and strategic goals


Knowledge is power.  We provide that information.

Experience comes from projects that had to work right the first time.   Customers include: NASA, NAVY, DoVA, FBI, and private sector Energy and Financial industries.  BACoE's unique 3 Key Questions, Goal Decomposition and Concept of Operations (ConOps) contribute to an aligned business, operational, financial and technology solution that achieves your goals and lets you work smarter, faster and at an expert level.

You can depend on deliverables and services that are professional, complete, on-time and on-budget.

How may we help? Below are some of the deliverables we are asked to provide:


      YOUR CURRENT STATE            

• Your Goals & Objectives

• Current Concept of Operations

Goal Decomposition Model

Current Cost of Ownership

Improvement Options

• Capability Roadmap


Process Analysis Models

• New Concept of Operations

• Solution Requirements:

   - business

   - stakeholder

   - technology

   - transition  


Request for Proposal

Cost to Achieve (the solution)

Future Cost of Ownership

Solution Comparison Scorecard

• Business Case


• Project Charter

Project Plan 

• Schedule


Project Dashboard

• Issue & Risk List

• Action Item List 

• Clear Communications    

• Team Engagement

• Effective Facilitation


Streamlined for a fast delivery

• Portfolio Rationalization

Too many things on your plate?

Identify and justify what stays,

what goes and what gets replaced.

All decisions align to your annual

and strategic goals and are

backed up with a business case. 

• Resource Inventory

How does work get done? 

This inventory is critical to 

control and improve the work

you do.  See how operations,

technology and financial

resources align to your goals. 

• BA & Requirements Training 

Engage your staff!  You hire

smart people. Give them the

skills to identify and justify

improvements that add value

to the organization and to their



"I am known as a problem solver now."


"BACoE's Concept of Operations removed the communication barriers between the different stakeholders and management levels. Now everyone is on the same page, solutions make sense and my customers are satisfied."


"The IT project was a success, but the customer does not use it. They said we automated a cumbersome process that slowed their ability to meet their business targets.  BACoE's Business Requirements taught me to listen to my stakeholders rather than to rush to automation. Process analysis is the key to great solutions. Together we are now building solutions that work." 

BACoE did business analysis on professional BA courses. The results showed that most courses are IT centric and barely address how to analyze the business.

Business Analysis is more than IT Requirements. Business Analysis determines how to use the organization's limited resources (people, process, money, time, technology, facilities, etc.) to meet or exceed the organization's business goals. IT requirements are only a subset of the complete solution.  

BACoE aligns quality management, change management, requirements, process management, six sigma and system development life cycle (SDLC) concepts into a practical set of BA skills that ANYONE can use. 

  • In House Training, hosted at your facility
  • For Business and IT management and staff
  • You can use BACoE content, your content or a hybrid

A skilled and knowledgeable employee is an organization's best assetInvest in yourself.



Thomas Paine wrote, "Lead, follow or get out of the way."

The choice is yours.

Career and business success rely heavily on having the right information to make fact based decisions.  Here is some BACoE information to help you organize the information you need to become a problem solver.

This is a work in progress. Content will be added as time permits. Let us know if you need something asap.

  • 3 key questions
  • Fast results from putting thoughts on paper
  • It's all about the (external/internal) customer
  • Engaged folks work smarter and faster

  • Practical diagrams to convey information
  • Practical analysis to find improvements
  • Practical approach to do this work quickly
  • What is Cost of Ownership?
  • What is Cost to Achieve?

  • Practical approach to requirements
  • How to ask for and evaluate vendor solutions
  • How to justify your solution with a business case
  • Practical solution comparisons

  • Diagram: how change happens in an organization
  • Diagram: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Be a partner in success. Invest in yourself.


Deming said, "Improve your overall organization by having

each person take a step toward quality."


People are smart. Give them the skills, tools and environment to perform at a "Best in Class" level.  Develop an engaged staff and your investment will more than pay for itself.
Here are some things to help you to work fast, to be clear and to help you and others make fact based decisions. Good luck!

       BA & Requirements     


       Project Management   


  • Voice of the Customer
  • Goal Decomposition
  • Requirements
  • Process Flow
  • Pareto
  • Root Cause
  • Priority Comparison
  • Use Case
  • Concept of Operations
  • Cost to Achieve
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Solution Scorecard
  • Business Case
  • Project Charter
  • Project Plan
  • Schedule
  • Issue List
  • Risk List
  • Action Item List
  • Dashboard/Status
  • Project Charter
  • Communication Tips
  • Facilitation Tips
  • Team Engagement Tips


Make a difference. Invest in yourself.