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BACOE trains 
Business and IT professionals on 
Business Requirements 
and their uses

Learn, improve & save as a group
A managed approach to deploy BA skills
"I am known as a problem solver now."

"BACoE's Concept of Operations removed the communication barriers between the different stakeholders and management levels. Now everyone is on the same page, solutions make sense and my customers are satisfied."
Thomas Paine wrote, "Lead, follow or get out of the way." The choice is yours.   

Career and business success rely heavily on having the right information to make fact based decisions.   BACoE shows you how to organize the information you need so that everyone in your team works smarter to achieve annual and strategic goals.

  • New to your job: find out what you inherited
  • Clarify what people want from you
  • Determine if you have the resources to achieve goals
  • Find workload efficiency and priorities
  • Use knowledge and facts to drive decisions
  • Get buy-in
  • Justify funding

  • Consolidate redundant practices and resources
  • Retain procedural knowledge
  • Conduct short, focused and effective meetings
  • and so much more...

Be a partner in success. Invest in yourself.
BACoE did business analysis on professional BA courses. The results showed that most courses are IT centric and barely address how to analyze the business.

Business Analysis is more than IT Requirements.  Business Analysis determines the best way to use the organization's limited resources (people, process, money, time, technology, facilities, etc.) to meet or exceed the organization's business goals. IT requirements are only a subset of the complete solution.  

BACoE aligns quality management, requirements, process management, six sigma and system development life cycle concepts into a practical set of skills that ANYONE can use.

  • Seminars - 1 hour. Actual industry examples.
  • Workshops - 4 hours.  Pick the topic. Includes actual industry example, techniques and exercise.
  • Training - 3-4 days. In-house.  
  • BA Mentor / Lead Support - Duration varies. BACoE mentors or leads the BA effort for Enterprise, Group-it and Business Requirement services.

Make a difference.  Invest in yourself.


Is BACoE a sound investment for you?  

Compare BACoE course content and services against: 
  • BA criteria defined by organizations with highly effective BA programs
  • Industry practice groups
  • Top BA course providers 
  • Your organization's current performance

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"The IT project was a success, but the customer does not use it. They said we automated a cumbersome process that slowed their ability to meet their business targets.  BACoE's Business Requirements taught me to listen to my stakeholders rather than to jump to automation. Process analysis is the key to great solutions. Together we are now building solutions that work."
What are you trying to achieve? By when? Using which resources? At what cost? And more important, why?

BACoE paints an aligned business, operational, financial and technology framework into one easy to understand Concept of Operations to answer all these questions and more.   Build it once, reuse it for every improvement. 

  • Business Requirements Core Concepts
  • Voice of the Customer / Voice of the Business
  • Prepare a Concept of Operations
  • Prepare an effective Statement of Work
  • Prepare a Request for Proposal
  • Prepare a Cost to Deploy / Cost of Ownership
  • Prepare a Solution Comparison Scorecard
  • Prepare a Quality and Capability Roadmap
  • Prepare a Business Case
  • Prepare a Project Charter
  • Prepare Management Dashboards
  • Other uses: On-boarding, training, quality assurance, continuous improvements, strategic planning

Make the best use of your resources.  Invest in yourself.
Deming said, "Improve your overall organization by having each person take a step toward quality."

People are smart. Give them the skills, tools and environment to perform at a "Best in Class" level.  Your investment will more than pay for itself.

Enterprise training:
  • Courses are done at your facilities
  • Services are managed as a Project, with clear objectives, project plan, schedule and deliverables

  • Standard course: content is unchanged; selected topics are emphasized
  • Individualized course: content is aligned to your methodology
  • Group-it: stakeholders learn together and use their need as the case study
  • Just-in-Time Refresher: selected topics reviewed as part of Project Initiation

Strategic Consolidation Mentor/Lead service:
  • IT Application Portfolio Rationalization / Reduction
  • Consolidate / Merge Redundant Practices
  • Minority Supplier Management
  • Knowledge Retention Management

Mentor/Lead service:
  • Establish and Operate a Business Analysis practice
  • Prepare business requirements for business units
  • Prepare, issue and evaluate Request for Proposals
  • Prepare Business Cases for recommended solutions

Intern service:
  • Intern program: Inventory my IT Architecture
  • Intern program: Map and measure my business unit
  • Intern program: Map and align my SDLC practices

A skilled employee is an organization's best asset. Invest in yourself.